I'm Anna Lena.

And this is my work.

Hello there.

I am Anna Lena, a Netherlands based designer and illustrator. My work is well known for its bold lines and pops of color. When I’m not wandering around cities with a coffee in hand, I love to mix hand drawn elements, watercolor and ink, and digital techniques. When you look at my sketchbooks, you will see that I mostly draw people, fashion, food and really fast motorcycles.

Some of my work
Happy clients

It was real pleasure to work with Anna Lena. She is not only very talented but also communicates very well, is always open to feedback and sticks to her deadlines! We started working with her for social media content but would love to make good use of her talent for other occasions 🙂

Aline & Emilie @Tutu Shop

Anna Lena worked on a portrait of me and my best friend for our 20 yrs of friendship. Anna Lena has a unique style which is clean and cute. She took the elements of my story and placed it in the portrait which made it truly a portrait of ‘us’. The likeliness is there, if you know it’s you, which I really liked. Make sure you mention funny little details, they make the portrait!