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My Manifest For Creative Work

Hello you.

In my last posts, I have already given a little impression of what you can expect from this blog. However, I also want you to know what you can expect from me. Because I use this site to share both my knowledge (by blogging) and my products (in my shop), I think it’s important to get some idea of who the heck I am – and what I stand for.

Super brief intro: As an illustrator and interaction designer, I am an expert in creativity, visual design, and creating kick ass illustrations. And I can help you with a bunch of stuff because of that.

My manifest – this what I stand for.
Here is what I know for sure: Creativity is awesome and for everybody. I believe everyone has the potential to be creative and inspired. I use my abilities to help people learn to beautify, whether they are a business owner or in school. I think that getting tasty visuals is always a good idea.

I really hate it when blogs or businesses create lame content. Content should be funny and sexy. As such, I will never deliver work that I’m not proud of. Still, I embrace messiness, mistakes and the magical chaos of creativity. That’s because try to learn, recover and have fun. You will never be able to tell I’m a stereotypically  chaotic creative: I work and communicate like an agency. And I WILL use up all your marker pens.

I love to sketch, write, listen, dance and tinker with pens, ink, my computer, and my keyboard. Writing about productivity, creativity and inspiration gives me joy. I believe that the coolest stuff is affordable. I also believe that custom stuff can truly make a difference, both in your living room and on your business website. I do the illustrating and writing, and you get better from it. And you can count on me to make you sweet stuff to put on your desk. Then, I will write about how you can have more fun at that desk, too.

What about you?
Do you have a personal manifest, or a manifest for your business? I dare you to write one: start with what you are passionate about. Then go from there: I’m pretty sure it will get the creative juices flowing.

Pretty soon, I’m going to talk about how to rock your job, how to find inspiration outside, and share a new cool freebie with you. Don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter, or follow me on Instagram and Facebook to stay tuned!


Thank you for reading & please stay amazing,


Anna Lena.




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