My name is Anna Lena and I’m the founder of Anna Lena Illustrations.

My illustration work is well known for its bold lines and bright pops of colour. I like to play with the balance between digital illustration and mediums such as watercolor and markers. This has been recognized by design agencies, universities, enterpreneurs and consultancies that I have worked with – and countless individuals who visit my shop daily. You can also follow me on my instagram and facebook(Get to know me a little better on my about page.)

I love to meet all kinds of different people and work on varying, challenging projects. I’m always down for something new. First of all: the style you see on my social media isn’t the only style you can contact me about. You were thinking to hire an illustrator? Get in touch and let’s see what’s possible! Don’t hesitate to contact me – I would love to hear from you.



Illustration services


Brand illustrations

You have an amazing product or service and a cool company website. However, your product lacks something. It needs some one of a kind illustrations! Contact me about packaging, editorial, stationery, fashion and other product opportunities – I’m dying to meet you.








Live illustration

Can you imagine how cool it would be to have a live illustrator at your next event? I can draw guests or other images related to your event. That way, everyone will go home with a cool portrait or illustration which will remind them what a great day they had with you. I can also include your logo or company colors pre-printed on the paper. For live illustration I charge a minimum  €60,- hourly before taxes, with a minimum amount of three hours work. This excludes any additional wishes you may have such as different papers, logos and travel expenses. If you would like to charge per portrait, contact me for custom pricing.




Web images / social media images

You have an amazing company website or web shop but you feel it lacks personality. Or you need some graphics to explain your ordering process! Who you’re gonna call? And I’ll make it fit your company identity perfectly. That is right! No color clashes, just perfect harmony.  Contact me using the button below for a custom quote for your budget.






Everyone hates a boring report. No key insights mean no things people remember. How great would it be if your company report, whitepaper or linkedin images really stuck with people? I have a master’s degree in interaction design, and a love for everything technical and complex: meaning I can understand as well as visualize. In this way, your takeaways will not be lost!  Contact me using the form below for a custom quote for your budget.




Custom portraits

You don’t have a business but you want some portraits done? Great! Go to my page and check out how to order: click here! <3.




If you have a product or service you believe aligns well with mine, please do reach out about sponsored content. This can be posted on my social media and blog. Are you an influencer with ambition and a lot of people who would LOVE my stuff? Do reach out – we can make cool things happen together. A little giveaway never hurt anybody. If your business or brand values align with mine, it might be a good idea to partake in an interesting giveaway together. Hit me up for more information!

If you want to work together (or for business inquiries), click here to get in touch!




Some of my recent clients include: Gemeente Amsterdam, Pommeron, KU Leuven, buro kato, Studio Attalan, #FITGIRLCODE, Daskalides Chocolatier, DB&P, eLAN creative, byRegina, and KPMG. These are all businesses: I have also worked with countless individuals. Not convinced yet? Others have worked with me before you – and loved it.


And finally

If you wish to order a custom portrait, please refer to my webshop. You can follow me around on my instagram and facebook. If you have any questions, please do email me on annalenaillustrations @ gmail.com 🙂