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One of the things that I love about creative people is their mindset. They seem to be able to draw connections that others can’t and come up with fun ways to solve problems. But how do they do it? And: How can you develop a creative mindset of your own? 

The beauty of a creative mindset

To me, genuine creativity comes from someone having a versatility of unique viewpoints. And being able to get into the mindset for seeing things from many perspectives! You can train yourself to look through different goggles and frames of reference. Having a creative mindset is like you are your own optician for your creative brain!


Attitude is the key to a creative mindset. Having the right attitude helps you have fun, too. You’re able to postpone judgment and get in the mindset for doing your best work. The four tips below tap into this!

How can I develop a creative mindset?

Here are some starting points to help you grow a creative mindset.

Tip 1: Don’t take your creativity too seriously

Even if you are a professional creative, you need to sometimes not take yourself so seriously. And I mean this! It will build expectation, stress, and make you act too precious about the stuff you create. If you are a wonderful realistic painter, try painting stick puppets all morning. If you are a writer, try something totally weird to you and write alien romance short stories. Unless that is what you already did, of course. If anything, try creating a macaroni sculpture with lots of glitters. You know, like you have done in school when you were younger. It’s fun 🙂 It is a great activity to remind you that the output does not matter as much as your own unique viewpoint.

Tip 2: Let go of (misplaced) humility around creativity

I meet a lot of creatives who have trouble calling themselves what they are: a creative person! A key part of having a creative mindset is acknowledging how creative you really are. It does not matter if you started being creative this morning, or when you were two days old. It does not matter if you went to art school or no school. If you feel creative, you are creative. Heck, even if you don’t feel creative at times, you’re still creative. No one can take that aspect of you away, let alone should you allow yourself to hide that wonderful part. So next time it comes up, tell people you’re a creative person! It’s something to be proud of, and owning it will help you get that mindset you want.

Tip 3: Acknowledge that there is no excuse not to be creative

There are a lot of excuses you could use to not have to be creative today. I could have spent all day doing chores, getting groceries, or had my hair done. Instead I sat down behind my laptop and wrote this blog post. Did I want to do the dishes? Yes, because it’s really annoying to me to have a messy house when I work. As such I choose to get up as little as possible so I don’t see the dishes when I walk past the kitchen. I find what works so I can allow myself to be creative. On days where I can’t do it that way, I go outside. You might have excuses that stem from feeling scared. Or even from having no time, or also annoyance at your workspace. Well, I’m happy to inform you that no excuse is valid. If you want to be creative, you better work. *Sings RuPaul song*

Tip 4: Do everything you can to make your life a creative life

Creativity is not only sitting down and doing your creative thang. It is also about forming a creative mind outside of your studio. So if you can, plan activities that make you feel creative. I love going to museums and wandering around exhibitions. I like taking a walk outside every day and looking at the people and the buildings in town. I cook lavish dinners for my friends. I paint and send off little things to my grandparents. These are all things that make me feel creative and make me feel like I am putting love into the world. They are more important to me than self-doubt and insecurity. Whenever you do something that makes you feel like that, jot it down. You will end up with a list and then plan activities from that list!

A creative mindset will help you not be so hard on yourself. But, before you’re at a place where you can harness it, try and appreciate how far you’ve come already. If this was useful to you, please share it with your friends or on social media – and let us be creative together!

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