Anna Lena van Iersel

Hey there! My name is Anna Lena.

I feel at my best whenever I’m coming up with new products and tools. With a background in interaction design, UX,  and a keen sense for aesthetics, the inspiration is endless. I believe in continuously developing beautiful products that are aligned with the people who use it.

In college I worked as a Human Technology Interaction Designer for STORM, an automotive student team. As a student, I interned at VanBerlo design studio. After that, I have worked for Let’s Talk, creating e-commerce solutions for MediaMarkt, KPN, Phone House, and others. I currently work part time for Bannerwise. The rest of my time I spend working on my independent illustration business. In my free time, I love to dance, cook and work on illustration projects.

Where I learned the ropes.

Eindhoven University of Technology

Industrial Design – Bachelor

Honors Academy

Delft University of Technology

Design for Interaction – Master

Projects I'm proud of.

STORM Eindhoven

As I was finishing my Bachelor’s I got involved with student team STORM Eindhoven. As one of the first members to join, I was responsible for working on the brand identity, promotional materials and the creation of the electric motorcycle concepts. After the official kick-off, I was in charge of developing the motorcycle dashboard UI and controls.


When I wasn’t working on these aspects of the project, I was a member of the PR team. I created sketch animations, creative sessions and took photos for the team.

STORM Eindhoven dashboard design


I began working for Let’s Talk during my studies, and soon got to work on projects for clients that really embodied my interest in interaction design. One of my favourite projects still is the creation of a tablet app for MediaMarkt Nederland. The client needed an app that store employees could use to help potential clients pick out a phone and plan. In this way, several combinations could be made with TV and Internet subscriptions.


Project activities include: Intake sessions with MediaMarkt managers, research workflow, creating wireframes, visual designing.

As this website hadn’t had a design overhaul in quite a while, I was asked to lead this project and come up with new concepts. In collaboration with a former colleague, we created wireframes and graphic design concepts. ) My responsibility in this project was primarily focused on working out user flows, evaluating points of improvement, creating branded images and illustrations, and advising on branding strategies.

During the design process, I created countless icons and illustrations for the site and newsletters. The multitude of competencies used in this project is what made it so much fun. Also, I grew professionally from working with other designers in a project that has such a broad scope.

Anna Lena van Iersel Interaction Design
Anna Lena van Iersel Interaction Design
Anna Lena van Iersel Interaction Design


During almost all of my time at Let’s Talk I was working on at least one thing for Phone House. This was the website, but also tools used within the organisation. Examples of this work included creating visuals and developing concepts for the web shop, building a tool that allowed for the creation of combinations of subscriptions and mobile phones, and a design overhaul. Below, you will see an impression of the design language I created for Phone House. This was the direct result of the creation of a design system.

Anna Lena van Iersel Interaction Design


Due to my personal fascination with self-improvement and independent learning, I was excited to get to work on this e-learning tool for Syndle. In this tool, people can share their inspirations with their project groups, learn new topics, take tests and discuss results. One of the learnings in this project, by my own doing, was the application of design systems to create a consistent and delightful design. The added value is that the design is highly modular and can be further developed by the client if need be. It was around the time of this project that I realized I wanted to work on more non-telecom products, because of the varying groups of people you get to create for.

Anna Lena van Iersel Interaction Design
Anna Lena van Iersel Interaction Design

There is more.

Selected clients not shown here include KPN, Samsung, Designtegels, Bigbrands, Vodafone, PCS, Ultimate Ears, SoSkild, 4MyMobile and Mconomy.


Find me on LinkedIn.

A girl can dream.

To me, the perfect environment:

– is a highly creative and tech-loving environment

– is where we work closely with clients or stakeholders

– is where we solve complex problems through interaction design

– is where we learn from and collaborate with coworkers

What you should know about me:

–  I work effectively and highly productive
–  I have a knack for graphics, illustration and research
– I’m all about design thinking + generative design methods
– I’m very curious and love taking initiative
– I look for associations and puns in everything

You can also contact me about any freelance design or illustration opportunties.

In case you wanted to get in touch...

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