How I helped house of goods in gouda with a coloring picture that makes customers linger


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Together with House of Goods, I worked on creating a coloring picture to be used in their store. The coolest thing that can happen to you as an illustrator is a project like this! I got to work with people I know, while doing something I love, and saw the value of the outcome shortly after! Before I go into that, let me introduce you to the great people behind House of Goods!

House of Goods is a wonderful coffee and tea place in the middle of Gouda. As a local, I love going there to buy coffee for my home, or get something to go. What you will notice as soon as you walk in, is the friendly vibe, and the smell of coffee beans roasting. Delicious! A wall full of handwritten notes and drawings from past visitors greets you on your right. You look behind a large display with cakes on the shelves. There you will see Dick, the owner, and Aria, his right-hand woman for the shop. They are chatting to their customers while fixing them their much-needed caffeine. Or, even slicing a delicious cheesecake to go. Looking over your shoulder, you will see long shelves stretching through the store. They display big jars, filled with various teas with the names written on them. In the corner, a small record player, letting Billy Joel sing for you.


What was the project about?

This scene was what we wanted to capture in the coloring picture. As Dick put it: “My colleague and I know Anna Lena as a client of ours (fun), but also from social media (active!). We also know of her illustration work (great) that she did for other local businesses (reliable!). When we wanted to have a coloring picture created for us, we immediately thought of asking Anna Lena.” To kickstart the project, I visited them, as I often do, except this time we talked shop. We discussed the things that should be on the design, and the vibe it should give to clients.

What was the result?

The coloring picture shows the inside of House of Goods, in the way it is: a cozy store. It’s filled with friendly people, cakes and coffee, the record player, the coffee roaster, and more. Dick and Aria are excited about the end result. “The coloring picture looks great and is very well received by our clients! They now end up spending more time in the store, which is great for us. The pricing of the project was more than ok. Especially because having the coloring picture more than pays off the investment.”


I love how this project is a great example of what illustration can do for businesses like House of Goods. Having a product like a coloring picture can affect how long your customers hang about. Additionally, it helps to engage kids and keep them busy and happy.

Sometimes I get some colored versions of the coloring picture sent to me by Aria! That is my favourite side effect to this project. Visitors will show their end result or leave it in the store to be admired by others. It turns out coffee and creativity mix extremely well :).

If you want to explore projects like this together, be sure to send me an email on!

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