Creative Work Drive Hacks



Harness these creative work drive hacks to supercharge your work day!

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For a boost in creativity and productivity, try this book. I wrote it specifically for creatives and it is full of good tips, instructions and actionable plans, so anyone can use these pointers to be more productive and creative at work. Whether you are working at an office or in a paint-covered studio – this book can help you overcome some really annoying pitfalls.


Aside from tips & theory, it contains:

  •  a workbook: so you can apply what you have learned!
  • one of a kind art prints: to beautify your work space!


Creative Work Drive Hacks covered useful topics like:

  • how to feel inspired
  • getting started
  • keeping motivated
  • dealing with stress
  • dealing with pressure
  • creative tools and techniques
  • constructing personal battle plans


You will not need much to get crackin’ at these topics. Just this ebook and your laptop, tablet or a piece of paper will do. A mind fizzling with inspiration and ideas is within reach!


The ebook is 40 pages and 6 chapters, and written in english. Not only does it have all my knowledge on creativity applied to practice, it also has a ton of doodles and some art prints!

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“This book was a joy to read and provided a lot of inspiration! Great combination of actionable tips, a fun writing style and nice design. Can’t wait to apply these hacks in my own work as well!” – Frances Blomberg, @franwiththepen

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